The Social Worker Equity Campaign will have a new focus with our members and supporters for 2024.  

While our original campaign on NASW Code of Ethics reform attracted thousands of supporters, the undemocratic, bureaucratic, and overly centralized operations of the National office mean we must take a new direction in support of genuine social worker equity in 2024.   

To determine what that direction should be, we have designed a brief survey to find out what our supporters are most engaged in now related to social worker equity—local NASW chapter campaigns, union efforts, abolitionist work, other radical social work groups such as SWAA, SWAC, or ACOSA. We’ll also ask about what you think SWEC’s preferred focus should be. 

2024 portends to be a tumultuous, intense and even dangerous political year—all the more reason for social workers to be engaged in the fight for our own equity and well-being alongside that of our clients and community members.